Benzyl Alcohol
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Benzyl Alcohol

YIGYOOLY is a great China factory of Benzyl Alcohol. We can support competitive price and service, YIGYOOLY Benzyl Alcohol has been sold to many countries such as Korea, Vietnam, Morocco, etc. And enjoys good market recognition and reputation.

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Product Description

YIGYOOLY largely produce Benzyl Alcohol, it is colorless transparent liquid. Lightly soluble in water,can be mixed with ethanol, ether, chloroform, etc. Slightly fragrant odor. YIGYOOLY Benzyl Alcohol is one of the simplest aromatic alcohols and can be regarded as phenyl substituted methanol. In nature, most of them exist in essence oils in the form of esters, such as jasmine oil, hyacinth oil and Peruvian balsam.

YIGYOOLY Benzyl Alcohol  is generated through oxidation or dehydrogenation reactions. Hydrogenation can generate toluene, benzyl or methyl cyclohexane, and cyclohexyl methanol. Esterification reaction with carboxylic acid to generate corresponding esters. In the presence of zinc chloride, boron trifluoride, boric acid or phosphoric acid, and sulfuric acid, resin like substances are synthesized through condensation.

Product Basic Information

Chemical Name]: Benzyl Alcohol

CAS No.: 100-51-6

Molecular Formula: C7H8O

Molecular weight: 108.14

Appearance: colorless transparent liquid

Packing: 250kg/200kg plastic drum or 1000kg IBCs


YIGYOOLY Benzyl Alcohol is a very useful fixative, and it is an indispensable spice for the blending of essence such as jasmine, moonlight fragrance, ylang, etc.

It is used to make soap and essence for daily use.

YIGYOOLY Benzyl Alcohol is widely used in industrial chemical production as a solvent for coatings; Photographic developer; PVC stabilizer; Medicine; Synthetic resin solvent; The solvent for vitamin B injection; Preservatives for ointments or liquids. Can be used as nylon thread; Desiccants and dyes for fibers and plastic films; Cellulose ester; A solvent for casein, used as an intermediate in the production of benzyl esters or ethers.

Storage & Note

YIGYOOLY Benzyl Alcohol should be Closed operation and comprehensive ventilation. Operators must undergo specialized training and strictly adhere to operating procedures. It is recommended that operators wear a self-priming filter type gas mask, chemical safety goggles, anti venom penetration work clothes, and rubber oil resistant gloves. YIGYOOLY Benzyl Alcohol should be Stay away from sparks and heat sources, and smoking is strictly prohibited in the workplace. Use explosion-proof ventilation systems and equipment. Prevent steam leakage into the workplace air. Avoid contact with oxidants. When handling, it is important to load and unload with care to prevent damage to the packaging and containers. Equip corresponding types and quantities of fire-fighting equipment and emergency response equipment for leaks. Empty containers may have residual harmful substances.

YIGYOOLY Benzyl Alcohol should be store in a cool and ventilated warehouse. Stay away from sparks and heat sources. It should be stored separately from oxidants and edible chemicals, and mixed storage should be avoided. Equip corresponding types and quantities of fire-fighting equipment. The storage area should be equipped with emergency response equipment for leaks and appropriate containment materials

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