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Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate
  • Disodium Hydrogen PhosphateDisodium Hydrogen Phosphate
  • Disodium Hydrogen PhosphateDisodium Hydrogen Phosphate

Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate

YIGYOOLY is a professional Disodium hydrogen phosphate supplier in China.it has been exported large quantities every year to global customers in Asia, Africa, and south America. The quality is stable, price is competitive.

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Product Description

YIGYOOLY China largely exported Disodium hydrogen phosphate is an inorganic acid salt, a white crystalline powder, easily soluble in water, almost insoluble in ethanol. It is a raw material for manufacturing sodium hexametaphosphate and sodium pyrophosphate, mainly used in leather making and boiler water treatment. It is used as a buffer and fermentation powder in the food and fermentation industries, and also as a feed additive, detergent, and dyeing assistant.

Product Basic Infor

Chemical Name: Disodium hydrogen phosphate

Other Name: Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate,Disodium hydrogen phosphate,

Disodium Phosphate Anhydrous,Dibasic Sodium Phosphate Anhydrous

Cas No.: 7558-79-4

Molecular formula: Na2HPO4

Molecular weight: 141.958

Appearance: White granular powder

Packing: 25 kg/PP bags

Important Application in Water Treatment

1, YIGYOOLY Disodium hydrogen phosphate Function

1) Buffering: Maintain the pH value of water within the ideal range to maintain water stability.

Eliminating hardness ions: Hardness ions (such as magnesium and calcium) in water can affect water quality and reduce water quality. Adding disodium hydrogen phosphate can adsorb hardness ions and remove them from the water.

3) Removal of heavy metals: Water treatment with disodium hydrogen phosphate can also adsorb heavy metals in water, such as lead and mercury, to remove harmful substances from the water.

4) Phosphate removal: Phosphates in water can lead to eutrophication. Adding disodium hydrogen phosphate can adsorb and remove phosphates, achieving the goal of purifying water quality.

2, YIGYOOLY Disodium hydrogen phosphate Application scenarios

1) Wastewater treatment: Disodium hydrogen phosphate can accelerate the precipitation of pollutants in wastewater, purify wastewater, and improve treatment efficiency.

2) Dairy processing: During the dairy processing, disodium hydrogen phosphate can control the hardness of water and ensure product quality.

3) Food and Beverage: Used to clean the pipelines and equipment in the production process of food and beverage to meet the requirements of cleanliness and sterility.

4) Textile printing and dyeing: During the printing and dyeing process, disodium hydrogen phosphate can be used as a dye fixative to improve the adhesion of dyes.

5) Metal processing: During the metal surface treatment process, disodium hydrogen phosphate can remove metal surface oxides, enhance the quality and corrosion resistance of the metal surface.

In summary, water treatment with YIGYOOLY disodium hydrogen phosphate has broad application prospects in various fields, which can effectively purify water quality, optimize production processes, and improve product quality


YIGYOOLY Disodium hydrogen phosphate is used as a water softener, fabric weight enhancer, and fire retardant.

YIGYOOLY Disodium hydrogen phosphate is also used in glaze, solder, medicine, pigments, food industry, and for producing other phosphates, additionally, it is used as an industrial water quality treatment agent, printing and dyeing detergent, quality improvement agent, neutralizer, antibiotic culture agent, biochemical treatment agent, food quality improvement agent.

Storage & Note

YIGYOOLY Disodium hydrogen phosphate shall be stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse. Stay away from sparks and heat sources. Prevent direct sunlight. Packaging sealing. It should be stored separately from acids and should not be stored together. The storage area should be equipped with appropriate materials to contain leaked materials.

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