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Dithiophosphate 25S
  • Dithiophosphate 25SDithiophosphate 25S
  • Dithiophosphate 25SDithiophosphate 25S

Dithiophosphate 25S

YIGYOOLY is a professional and experienced Chinese supplier of Dithiophosphate 25S. We can provide customers with efficient and competitive product supply solutions, thereby achieving a win-win situation for both parties.

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Product Description

YIGYOOLY Dithiophosphate 25S with high quality supplied from China, is a good quality collectors in mineral flotation field. It’s good performance can improve the effectiveness of mineral processing, save costs for mineral processing enterprises, and greatly increase their profits. YIGYOOLY Dithiophosphate 25S main component is sodium dimethylphenol dithiophosphate, a dark brown to black aqueous solution, pH 10-13, odorless, with a pH value of 10-13. YIGYOOLY Dithiophosphate 25S is an aqueous solution obtained by further processing of Dithiophosphate 25.

Product Basic Infor

Product Name:Dithiophosphate 25S

Molecular formula: (CH3C6H4O)2PSSNa

Main content: Sodium Dicresyl Dithiophosphate

Appearence: Dard brown to black liquid

Packing: 200 kgs/plastic drum or 1100kgs/IBC.




PH value


Mineral substances %



YIGYOOLY Dithiophosphate 25S is commonly used for preferential separation flotation of copper due to its weak ability to capture zinc sulfide, It lead sulfide ore, and zinc sulfide ore. It can be added to the flotation circuit.It is an effective collector for copper and lead sulfide ores.

Storage & Note

YIGYOOLY Dithiophosphate 25S shall avoid water, sun, and fire. It is liquid, alkaline, and may cause damage to the skin. When opening a bucket, rubber gloves and goggles should be used. If they accidentally stick to the skin or eyes, they should be immediately rinsed with plenty of water. In severe cases, seek medical attention.

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