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The chemical composition of minerals.


The chemical composition of a mineral is the material basis of a mineral and one of the most basic factors that determine the properties of a mineral. And for many useful minerals, some of the chemical components are used. For example, extract copper from chalcopyrite, extract tribute from cinnabar and so on. Therefore, when studying minerals, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of their chemical composition. The following is a classification of the chemical composition of minerals caused by the reasons for the change of mineral composition - homogeneity, colloidal adsorption and the presence of water in minerals, mineral chemical formula, etc.

Natural minerals, in terms of their chemical composition, can be divided into two categories: elemental and compound.Minerals composed of atoms of the same element are called elemental minerals, that is, natural elemental minerals, such as natural gold Au and natural copper Cu. Diamond C, etc.Minerals composed of ions or complex anions of two or more different elements are called compound minerals.

Compounds are further classified according to their composition characteristics:

(1) Simple compounds. It is a combination of a cation and an anion.

(2) Complex. A compound consisting of a cation and a complex negative bird (acid group). This type has the most minerals. All kinds of oxygen-containing salts are generally complex.

(3) Complex compound. A compound consisting of two or more cations and anions or complex anions.

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