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Sodium Fluorosilicate
  • Sodium FluorosilicateSodium Fluorosilicate
  • Sodium FluorosilicateSodium Fluorosilicate
  • Sodium FluorosilicateSodium Fluorosilicate

Sodium Fluorosilicate

YIGYOOLY is professional Sodium Fluorosilicate supplier in China. Yigyooly Sodium Fluoride has been exported to Sri lanka, Morocco, Australia, etc. we keep supplying stable and high qualilty, competitive price for customers.

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Product Description

YIGYOOLY Sodium Fluorosilicate, professionally supplied from China, is a colorless, odorless, and toxic crystal with a relative density of 2.68 and a melting point of 1000 ℃. In the mineral processing industry, sodium fluorosilicate is usually a white powder or granular substance. YIGYOOLY Sodium Fluorosilicate is mainly used in ore dressing, perform stable and good quality.

Product Basic Infor

Chemical Name: Sodium Fluorosilicate

Other Name: Sodium Hexafluorosilicate, Sodium Silico Fluoride

Cas No.: 16893-85-9

Molecular Formula: Na2SiF6

Molecular Weight: 74.55

Appearance: White powder or crystalline

Packing: In composite woven bag lined with polyethylene bag, net weight 25kg/bag.

The role of YIGYOOLY Sodium Fluorosilicate in mineral processing

1, Improve the flotation efficiency of phosphate ores

YIGYOOLY Sodium fluorosilicate is a good mineral surface activator that can change the electrical properties of mineral surfaces, enhance its adsorption with flotation agents, and thus improve the flotation efficiency of phosphate ores. In addition, sodium fluorosilicate can also prevent the mixing of phosphate ore with other impurities, ensuring the purity and purification of phosphate ore.

2, Promote the separation and purification of phosphate ores

Phosphate ore is a very important mineral resource with extensive applications in industrial and agricultural production. YIGYOOLY Sodium fluorosilicate is one of the key agents that plays a crucial role in the purification process of phosphate ore. When sodium fluorosilicate comes into contact with phosphate ore, it can quickly adsorb onto the surface of the phosphate ore, forming a stable surface complex, thereby promoting the separation and purification of the ore from other impurities. Meanwhile, the activation effect of sodium fluorosilicate can further improve the purity of phosphate ore.

3, Application of sodium fluorosilicate in mineral processing

YIGYOOLY sodium fluorosilicate has been widely used in the mineral processing industry. Especially in the purification and separation of phosphate ores, sodium fluorosilicate is almost an essential mineral dressing agent. In addition, sodium fluorosilicate can also be used for flotation separation of metal ores such as copper, lead, and zinc, with good selectivity and adaptability.


YIGYOOLY Sodium Fluorosilicate is largely used in Ore dressing. Additionally, It is used as insecticide, adhesive, ceramic, glass, enamel, wood preservative, medicine, water treatment, leather, rubber and sodium fluoride. As disinfectant of dishware or in the surface treatment of metals. In food additives, can prolong the shelf life of fruit.

Storage & Note

YIGYOOLY Sodium Fluorosilicate shall be stored avoiding high temperature or moisture。

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