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Hypophosphorous Acid
  • Hypophosphorous AcidHypophosphorous Acid
  • Hypophosphorous AcidHypophosphorous Acid
  • Hypophosphorous AcidHypophosphorous Acid

Hypophosphorous Acid

YIGYOOLY, as a famous Hypophosphorous Acid supplier in China. Pay many efforts to service global customers these years. We export it to Morocco, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Russia, Korea, etc. YIGYOOLY Hypophosphorous Acid price is low, quality is good.

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Product Description

YIGYOOLY supplies Hypophosphorous Acid from China, It is a colorless oily liquid with a melting point of 26.5 ℃, boiling point of 130 ℃, density of 1.439g/cm3, colorless oily liquid. miscible with water.

YIGYOOLY Hypophosphorous Acid is a strong reducing agent that decomposes into orthophosphate and phosphine when heated to 130 ℃. It can be used as a fungicide, a strengthening agent for the nervous system, a treatment agent for metal surfaces, and in the manufacturing of catalysts and phosphates.

Product Basic Information

Chemical Name: Hypophosphorous Acid

Other Name: Hypophosphite Acid

Cas No.: 6303-21-5

Molecular formula: H3PO2

Molecular weight: 65.9964

Appearance: Colorless oily liquid

Packing: 250kg/drum on pallet or 1250kg/IBC drum


YIGYOOLY Hypophosphorous Acid is largely used as an additive for coatings and inks to improve their light and heat resistance, making them less prone to scratches. Hypophosphoric acid can react with resins in coatings and inks, increasing the adhesion between coatings and inks, and improving their hardness and wear resistance. In addition, hypophosphoric acid can also have antioxidant, anti-corrosion, and antibacterial effects, extending the service life of coatings and inks.

YIGYOOLY Hypophosphorous Acid is largely used as water treatment additives, Remove heavy metal ions and organic matter from water. By reacting chemically with these pollutants, hypophosphoric acid can convert them into a more stable form, thereby reducing their harm to the environment and human health. Meanwhile, it can also prevent oxidation reactions in water and reduce corrosion of pipelines and equipment.

YIGYOOLY Hypophosphorous Acid can be used as additives for polymer materials. It can improve the thermal stability, flame retardancy, and oxidation resistance of materials. It can be added as a flame retardant to plastics, reducing the burning rate, prolonging the burning time, and improving the flame retardant performance of materials under the action of flames. In addition, it can also be added as a stabilizer to synthetic resins to improve the thermal stability and antioxidant performance of the material.

YIGYOOLY Hypophosphorous Acid can be used as an additive for lubricating oil and metalworking fluids, improving their antioxidant and corrosion resistance, prolonging the service life of mechanical equipment. It can react with lubricating oil and metal surfaces to form a protective film on the metal surface, reducing friction and wear between metals. In addition, it can also have emulsifying and dispersing effects, improving the stability of lubricants and metalworking fluids.

Storage & Note

YIGYOOLY Hypophosphorous Acid must be protected from light, high temperature, fireworks, and sealed to avoid leakage.

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