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Sodium Metabisulphite
  • Sodium MetabisulphiteSodium Metabisulphite
  • Sodium MetabisulphiteSodium Metabisulphite
  • Sodium MetabisulphiteSodium Metabisulphite

Sodium Metabisulphite

YIGYOOLY is experienced and professional Sodium Metabisulphite producer in China. Yigyooly Sodium Metabisulphite has been exported to Sri lanka, Morocco, Australia, Russia, etc. It is stable and high qualilty, we always provid competitive price for customers.

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Product Description

YIGYOOLY produced Sodium Metabisulphite is a white or yellow crystalline powder or small crystal with a strong SO2 odor. It has a specific gravity of 1.4 and is soluble in water. The aqueous solution is acidic, and when in contact with strong acids, it releases SO2 and generates corresponding salts. If left in air for a long time, it oxidizes to Na2S2O6, so this product cannot be stored for a long time. Above 150 ℃, SO2 is decomposed. It is colorless prismatic crystals or white powder, Has a taste of sulfur dioxide, sour, salty, etc; Over time, the color gradually turns yellow.Melting point (℃):>300, relative density (water=1): 1.48.

Product Basic Infor

Chemical Name: Sodium Metabisulphite

Other Name: Sodium Metabisulfite

Cas No.: 7681-57-4

Molecular Formula: Na2S2O5

Molecular Weight: 190.09

Appearance: white crystalline powder

Packing: 25kgs,1000kg,1200kg,1250kg PP bags with PE liner


YIGYOOLY Sodium Metabisulphite is widely used in industrial cleaning and can be used for metal surface cleaning, paint removal, glass cleaning, tableware disinfection, and more. The main function of sodium metabisulfite is to remove stains. It is an efficient bleach that can effectively remove stains on clothing, such as blood stains, beverages, coffee, fats, etc. Simply add sodium metabisulfite to the washing machine to easily remove these stubborn stains.

YIGYOOLY Sodium Metabisulphite can also be used for indoor cleaning. It can easily remove water stains and marks, making your bathroom and kitchen cleaner. It can also efficiently disinfect, eliminate bacteria and viruses, thereby maintaining a healthy environment in the home.

YIGYOOLY Sodium Metabisulphite is an important mineral processing agent. It is a reagent that reduces mineral floatability. It can form a hydrophilic film on the surface of mineral particles, forming a colloidal adsorption film, thereby hindering the interaction between the collector and the mineral surface.

YIGYOOLY Sodium Metabisulphite is also used for paper bleaching, cotton yarn cooking, porcelain mud dispersion, etc

Storage & Note

YIGYOOLY Sodium Metabisulphide shall be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse;

Keep container tightly closed, store in cool, dry and well ventilated warehouse,

avoid direct sun light and in compatible chemicals.

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