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Fumed Silica
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Fumed Silica

YIGYOOLY is a professional Fumed Silica supplier in China. YIGYOOLY Silicon Dioxide perform good quality and stability. We can give all customers a professional and competitive offer and operate the exporting and shipment in a quick period.

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Product Description

YIGYOOLY wholesaling Fumed Silica is glass or semi transparent coarse particles. A substance with a specific surface area of over 450m2/g is highly active, renewable, has a porous structure, and high thermal stability. YIGYOOLY Silicon Dioxide has strong adsorption capacity for liquid and gas phase substances. The hardness is slightly softer than glass. Except for hydrofluoric acid and strong bases, it is insoluble in other chemical solvents.

YIGYOOLY Fumed Silica chemical properties are relatively stable. Not reacting with water. It has high fire resistance, high temperature resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high insulation, corrosion resistance, piezoelectric effect, resonance effect, and unique optical characteristics.

YIGYOOLY Fumed Silica is an acidic oxide and does not react with general acids. Hydrofluoric acid reacts with silica to produce gaseous silicon tetrafluoride. React with a hot concentrated alkaline solution or melted alkali to produce silicates and water. React with various metal oxides at high temperatures to form silicates. The properties of silica are not active, and it does not react with halogens, hydrogen halides, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and perchloric acid other than fluorine and hydrogen fluoride, excluding hot concentrated phosphoric acid.

Product Basic Information

Chemical Name: Silicon Dioxide

Other Name: Fumed Silica, Silica Dioxide

CAS No.: 112945-52-5

Molecular Formula: SiO2

Molecular weight: 60.08

Appearance: white, amorphous,high dispersive and minuteness powder

Packing: 10kg PP bags/kraft bags


YIGYOOLY Fumed Silica is an important component in the manufacturing of glass, quartz glass, sodium silicate, optical fibers, electronic industry, optical instruments, handicrafts, and refractory materials.

When Fumed Silica crystallizes, it becomes crystal; After silica gel dehydration, agate is produced;

After the colloidal silica containing water solidifies, it becomes opal; When the grain size of silica is less than a few micrometers, it forms chalcedony, flint, and secondary quartzite.

YIGYOOLY Fumed Silica can also serve as a lubricant and is an excellent flow promoter, mainly used as a lubricant, anti stick agent, and flow aid. Specially suitable for granulation of oils and extracts, the resulting particles have good fluidity and compressibility.

It can also be used as a flow aid in direct tablet pressing.

As a disintegrant, it can greatly improve particle fluidity, increase bulk density, increase the hardness of the prepared tablets, shorten the disintegration time, and increase the drug dissolution rate. In the manufacturing of granules, they can be used as internal desiccants to enhance the stability of drugs.

It can also be used as a filter aid, clarifying agent, defoamer, and suspension aid and thickener for liquid formulations.

Used as a dehumidifying and drying agent, dehydrating agent, moisture-proof agent, and air humidity regulator. Also used for gas drying.

YIGYOOLY Fumed Silica is also used as a catalyst and catalyst, a reinforcing agent for silicone rubber, and a sizing agent in the textile industry.

It has the effect of high thicken and thixotropy, good adsorption and reinforcement.

YIGYOOLY Fumed Silica can be used as thickening agent and thixotropic agent for plastic and dope, reinforcing agent for silicon –rubber, open agent for plastic film, anti-agglomeration agent for powder, excipient for medication, capability amelioration agent for cosmetic, airproof material, insulation for electricity and hotness, printing ink and so on.

Storage & Note

YIGYOOLY Fumed Silica should be kept in cool, dry and well-ventilated places.

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